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Solid Tumor Research Center

Established in 2013,  Solid Tumor Research Center (STRC), is currently located in Urmia University of Medical Sciences, Shafa St., Ershad Blv, Iran.  In 2018, Cellular and Molecular Medicine  Institute was established to research in field of cellular and molecular related medicine and consist of  three Research Centers. The STRC has programmed to play a key role in efforts to establish a research outline for the discovery of novel approaches in cancer therapy, molecular mechanism, and deteiled biology as well as in the development of therapeutics to be used in the treatment of cancer diseases. The center"s broad expertise contributes to a greater understanding of  biology of tumor cells   which lead to develop pre-clinical models of cell therapeutics. Our center targeted research includes cancer stem cells and  exosomes. we aimed to set up cell immunotherapy research, contibuting to improve cancer therapy output. Currently,   3 faculty members reside within the center and are studing in cancer field.

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